Which company provide Import Export Code (IEC Code) Online?


Import Export Code is a 10-digit number which is provided to the person who is commercially importing and exporting entities or is indulging in import and export on a regular basis for his business/ Enterprise. This is provided by the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).

Import Export Code is similar to an allotted Individual PAN number for Importing and exporting any commodity or service for that matter. This allows the Business to gain various legal benefits in importing/exporting from Export development Council or DGFT.

For availing the IEC Code, one has to submit the required valid documents and follow all the required procedures so that Indian Government can make sure about one’s identity relevant to his/her business company.

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No last-minute errands to get documents of IEC for you- It is a probability that whenever we are doing something for the first time we tend to forget about things and some mistake happens always. Well, not with us. We at ieccodeindia.org are well informed about all the documents you require according to your Business type because we have been doing this for a very long time. Thus, we work before hand and arrange all the documents for you without any mishap. So, that at the end moment you are relieved and satisfied. Client Satisfaction is our reward at payment.

Experience Speaks- Of course, as a company who works in helping Clients to get Import Export Code, we release the type of Competition we have in the market with other companies. But that never bothered us. That is because it is not us who speak that ieccodeindia.org is the best Company to get Import Export Code, it is our experience and hard work in the same field which speaks for itself.

So, Get the Following Documents ready and work with the best Company to help you Provide Import Export Code for your Company (Even if you don’t have any document, we are there to help you every time)-

  • PAN Card (of the applicant or the company)
  • Address Proof
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • PAN card of Director or Partner
  • Certificate of Registration

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