In view of the huge potential that the Indian F&B industry has for both future and established restaurant companies, you must not waste any more time and dive into this lucrative domain very quickly. There are some important steps you should take likedeciding the restaurant’s definition and aura you want the public to get their mood set in.Get investment to finance your company in restaurants. Consider the expense of restaurants business and calculate the future profit margin you want your FBO to achieve. Decide your restaurant’s place as the place can do a lot of business growth or withering. a good high market place will bring in customers who like spending or will bring in your restaurant. Among all of these important decisions one very significant work which you should not forget is getting all the licenses you need. Food license which is known as FSSAI food license registration is a must. And if you are selling alcohol products as well then Alcohol license is also a must.

In this article we will explain you how to attain FSSAI food license for your Food Restaurant in India.First you must understand the importance of FSSAI food license registration.In order to verify whether food products are consumable and not harmful to anybody, all the rules and regulations are created FSSAI food license registration. This FSSAI food license registration is a great help to you from building old customers trust in doubling your customer base.The registration of the FSSAI food license chemically tests food and ensures safe consumption.Food protection is a critical topic for individuals and certain aspects are therefore challenged by food companies. Only by certifying yourself with FSSAI food license registration can your business become reliable and trustworthy.

There are three types of FSSAI food license you should know about.

The first type is The FSSAI Central License whichis intended for FBOs that have an annual turnover of 20 or more crores. These FBO’s are mainly large producers that operate in more than one state.

With a revenue of more than twelve lakhs per year and less than 20 crores, the FSSAI State License is considered. This is what all the middle-scale retailers that trade in a single state fall through.

TheBasic registration of the FSSAI food license is for FBOs with a turnover of up to 12 lakhs only. All the small stores, dealers, storage units, industry.

For opening an FBO and getting its FSSAi food license registration you should know the documents required for the same. Documents required are –

1. Partnership deed or affidavit if any.
2. Copy of the license and NOC from the Manufacturer.
3. Form IX.
4. Declaration form.
5. Documents supporting proof of the turnover and transportation included within FBO.
6. FORM A or FORM B according to the type our FBO falls in.
7. Processing unit with detailed operation allocated plan should be provided by the FBO.
8. List of all significant people involved in the FBO with their identification details.
9. Type of equipment and Machinery list with the number at which they are installed and in what capacity.
10. An account of the food category you are manufacturing at your site (in this case the fruit beer you are selling)
11. Authority Letter through the Manufacturer (if any)
12. Water analysis and possessed land report proof.

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