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On Jagdishpuri Road in Kusumpura, including one with a bavdi, a historic fort known as Ajitgarh fort is built. In the city, Shree Pacchis Papda Temple, Shree Sai Temple, Shree Shiv Mandir, Shree Kaushalya Das Mandir are very popular religious spots. The Aravali mountainous region goes thru Ajitgarh as well. Near Garh Taknet, there is also the popular Kalidas temple.Ajeetgarh is a city in the Sikar district of Rajasthan, India, situated in Shrimadhopur tehsil. Ajeetgarh, the former capital of the Jat dynasty of Amarsar, was established in 1627 by the governor of Jat, Ajeet Singh, the leader of Ajeetgarh, on whom the town is titled.

For anyone who wishes to conduct a food business involving the manufacture, distribution, transport, etc. of food items, FSSAI ONLINE Food License registration in Ajeetgarh is mandatory. As a Food Business Operator, one attempts to preserve food quality standards and ensure that every consumer is satisfied and eats healthy food. FSSAI plays a key role here in formulating the control by eliminating the damaging and harmful elements that might be there. It is necessary to collect a 14-digit identification or license number which will appear on the food packets. The Food Licensing Authority ensures that all FBOs comply with the rules and regulations laid down and that the offenses for paying the penalty are accountable to every FBO without the FSSAI Licensing. In the Act that mentions this violation, offences and punishments related to food are specified.

Types of FSSAI food license in Ajeetgarh

1. The FSSAI Central License-This license is intended for the Food Business Operator (FBO) with an annual turnover of 20 crores or more.
2. The FSSAI State License-This License is for the Food Business Operator (FBO) who has a turnover of more than 12 Lakhs per year and less than 20 crores. These FBO’s are mainly major producers operating in more than one state. All middle-scale distributors that prefer to work with a single state fall into this group.
3. FSSAI Basic Registration – This is for an annual Food Business Operator (FBO) with a turnover not exceeding 12 Lakhs. This is desired by all small-scale dealers, retailers, marketers and food manufacturers.

Steps to Apply Online FSSAI Food License in Ajeetgarhare –

1. Login tohttps:/ and fill out all the details in the application form A, details such as your phone number, your address, your business form, etc. are required.
2. For your FSSAI food license registration, make an online payment. File type B is now shown after payment. Fill out each and every sentence carefully.
3. Conduct the application of the Will Procedure on the government portal, i.e. For information, follow up with the government department. They will email your request for editing. A maximum of 15 days shall be given for the re-submission after which the application is denied.
4. You will obtain your FSSAI food certificate at your post within 20-25 days after your application is checked

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