If you are Business operator connected to food in Satna then it is vital for you to apply online FSSAI food license.

What are the advantages of Applying FSSAI Food License in Aalo?

  1. It assures the wellbeing of food consumption not only outside the house but inside as well. This is because consumption of food outside is obviously checked and verified and tested but the food ration brought inside the house has also been verified chemically, grain according to each and every particle that has been put in it.
  2. All the rules and regulation are made in order to authenticate whether food products are consumable and not harmful to anyone. There have been many cases in India where food allergies and dangerous food have even led to death. In such a chaotic system it is important to penalize FBO who do not work in the public interest and reward FBO which are working honestly and in touch with their humanity.
  3. Not only customers but Partnerships and Investors get more interested in your business and want to tag along with you because now your name is renowned because of the hygiene, Standard and safety measures you are taking with your products. The FSSAI food license helps companies differentiate skilled and hardworking people from others.

What are the types of Online FSSAI Food License in Aalo?


The FSSAI Basic Registration in Aalo The FSSAI State License in Aalo The FSSAI Central License in Aalo
1.      Any Food related Business in Aalo should have turnover equal to 12 lakhs annually, at least to apply in the FSSAI Basic Registration in Aalo. 1.      Any Food RelatedBusiness in Aalo should have turnover more than 12 lakhs and less than 20 crores annually to apply in the FSSAI State License in Aalo. 1.      Any Food Related Business in Aalo should have turnover more than 20 crores annually to apply in the FSSAI Central License in Aalo.
2.     The FSSAI Registration in Aalo comes under ‘FORM A’ 2.      2.The FSSAI State License in Aalo comes under ‘FORM B’ 2.      The FSSAI Central License in Aalo comes under ‘Form B’
3.     This is a basic registration and works only when you are supplying food within Aalo. 3.      The FSSAI State License Registration is applicable when your food is supplied through the Madhya Pradesh state. 3.      The FSSAI Central License is applicable if your food is being supplied in more than one state.

What are the documents required to apply Online FSSAI Food license in Aalo?

  • Declaration Form stating everything mentioned is true.
  • Copy of Property paper (In case property owned).
  • Copy of Rent Agreement (In case property rented).
  • Copy of identity proof of the proprietor or director of the company (Aadhar Card, Voter Id).
  • Self-Declared copy of Food Management System Plan or certificate.
  • Authority Letter.
  • Copy of the electricity or water bill of the business place.
  • Form IX, Nomination of persons by a company along with the board resolution

What are the Steps to Apply Online FSSAI Food License in Aalo are –

  • Login to and fill out all the details in the application form A or B, details such as your phone number, your address, your business form, etc. are required.
  • For your FSSAI food license registration, make an online payment. File type B is now shown after payment. Fill out each and every sentence carefully.
  • Conduct the application of the Will Procedure on the government portal, i.e. For information, follow up with the government department. They will email your request for editing. A maximum of 15 days shall be given for the re-submission after which the application is denied.
  • You will obtain your FSSAI food certificate at your post within 20-25 days after your application is checked

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