FSSAI Annual Returns in India By Vishesh Jangir

FSSAI Annual Returns in India.

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) is an independent organization formed under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Indian Government. FSSAI Registration is used for Food Safety and grant permission to any individual to carry on food business in any parts of India. To start any food business, one should register in FSSAI Portal and get the FSSAI license. The food license is specific to a particular location and also term bound. The headquarters of the FSSAI is located in New Delhi and the FSSAI has its six regional offices located in Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati, Mumbai, Chennai, and Cochin. The FSSAI was established in the year 2006.

Each and every FBO in India having a FSSAI License and whose annual income is more than Rs 12 lakh must file the FSSAI Annual return. The Indian Government started the Food Safety and Standard Act of 2006 to maintain the distribution, import, storage, manufacturing etc. It is very much compulsory for each and every FBO in India to file FSSAI annual return.

Each and every FBO in India operating a business having an annual income of more than Rs 12 lakhs must file FSSAI annual return. The FBO in India who are engaged in the milk manufacturing and distribution must file a half yearly returns.

There are basically two types of FSSAI returns are present and they are:

a) FSSAI Annual return.
b) FSSAI Half Yearly return.

Details that are mandatory to be included in the FSSAI Annual return form are as follows:

a) Imported, exported, manufactured food products name.
b) Packaging material size.
c) Food product quantity.
d) Food product Value.
e) Price of per kg or per unit of the packaging FOB or CIF.
f) If the food products are exporting then the name of the countries is a must where they are getting exported.

The business that are made free from filing FSSAI Annual returns are restaurants, grocery stores, fast food centers, canteens. Section 2.1.13(3) of FSS Regulations of 2011, indicates that each and every FBO in India who doesn’t file the FSSAI Annual return within the given time should give a fine of Rs 100 per day till the delay date.

It is of utmost essential of having an FSSAI License before starting any kind of food business in India. The FBO in India who are involved in milk and milk products manufacturing must file a half yearly return online in Form D2. Besides, all other FBOs in India must file the annual return in Form D1 annually through an online method.


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