Do I Need Food License to Start Business like Zomato?

fssai for Zomato

Companies like Zomato are India restraint aggregators and are basically food delivery startups. Although Zomato provides information about different types of restaurants, eating houses, clubs, etc. related to food, their menus, user, and guest review. Other than this Zomato also offers food delivery in many Indian states. Recently Zomato has also employed grocery delivery in the pandemic.


If you want to establish a food company similar to Zomato then it is very important and mandatory for you to apply for an FSSAI Food license as you are the main re-packer and delivery agent involved in the process of consuming food. Without FSSAI food license registration you cannot authorize your food standards and safety according to government regulations and guidelines.


Not only this but in case of not applying for an FSSAI food license certificate, there might be penalties induced upon you by the government which varies accordingly. Thus, apply for FSSAI food license registration now and get certified.


FSSAI food license is beneficial in many ways. It builds customer trust and reliance over the FBO you run. With Zomato and Swiggy customers try to get their way always by claiming and accusing wrongfully about the food to the food delivery agents. In such a situation, food delivery agents end up refunding the money to the customers as they fail to get certified by FSSAI certificate. But if the food delivery partner and operation is certified by FSSAI food license registration then any such claims can be discarded as the FBO is verified through government procedures.


Moreover, it builds up your hold among the food market and as you are verified by government authorities and have gained FSSAI food license registration, there would be many companies who would want to get the partnership with you. Not only this many investors might get interested in your enterprise/startup or business and would like to invest their assets with you. Thus, FSSAI food certificate registration is not only a mandatory choice for you but it is also a benefactor choice for you and your company’s future.

It is important in such a situation to realize the scale of food distribution you are getting yourself involved in. It depends on your company turnover and the scale of the area. There are three types of FSSAI licenses you can apply for depending upon your FBO. Those are –


  1. The FSSAI Central License is meant for business-related food which has a turnover of 20 crores or more annually. These FBOs are mostly large manufacturers working in more than one state.
  2. The FSSAI State License is for FBO with a turnover of more than twelve lakhs annually and less than 20 crores. All the middle-scaled retailers who deal in a single state fall into this.
  3. The FSSAI Basic Registration has a turnover of up to 12 lakhs only. All the small distributors, retailers, storage units, marketers, distributors, and small-scale food manufacturers fall within this.

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