Yes, even if you are small scale Dry fruit selling and repacking operator FSSAI food license registration is necessary to ensure the general Safety and Standard measures being taken care at your site. Anything which involves food and Public health is the government under the FSSAI law. Thus, you must apply for the FSSAI license. Since you are small scale operator you should make sure that you apply for Basic FSSAI license and get verified under that.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has mandated that every food business activity must adhere to a set of safety and standard rules and regulations at all times in order to ensure the health and safety of all consumers. All of these quality and standard laws and regulations are in place so that it can be determined whether or not food items are safe to eat. As a result, in the interest of public health and safety, any food business must register with the FSSAI.

The general eligibility criteria for Basic FSSAI license are that your annual Turnover should be under 12 lakhs annually. (Although if you don’t fall under this category then make sure to check out eligibility criteria for State FSSAI license and Central FSSAI license)

Documents Required for Applying for Basic FSSAI Food License –

  1. Form A should be filled thoroughly and self-attested.
  2. Processing unit plan should be provided detailing every dimension allocated in the FBO. Everything should be specified according to the operations happening in allocated space.
  3. List of all the significant people involved along with their contact details and photo Id
  4. Equipment and Machinery used with their number and installed capacity in a proper list.
  5. An account of the food category to be manufactured /sold or repacked (as in this case)
  6. Authority Letter from the Manufacturer
  7. Water analysis report used within the process (if any)
  8. Possessed premises to be told about with its proof.
  9. Partnership deed or affidavit if any.
  10. Copy of License and Noc from the Manufacturer.
  11. Certificate copy gained through Coop act 1861 or Multistate Coop Act 2002.
  12. Certificate of Food safety management.
  13. Form IX
  14. Certificate obtained from the Ministry of Tourism.
  15. Declaration Form
  16. Documents Supporting proof of turnover and transportation.

It is important to abide by the FSSAI license Act in order to increase your business and sales revenues and incorporate more investors and partners within your firm. If you fail to apply for FSSAI license then there are penalties and punishments applicable to everyone whether you are a small scale FBO or a large scale FBO. FSSAI food license registration helps you build your trade as there is no compromise in consumer safety. Moreover, Quality food always puts you in the right word ahead. Multiple regulations are removed with the help of FSSAI food license registration. Innovation takes birth within your food products and brand names are made by applying for FSSAI license.

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