What is the procedure to apply online FSSAI food license registration in Adilabad? Vishesh Jangir

What is the procedure to apply online FSSAI food license registration in Adilabad?


Adilabad is a city in Telangana which is famous for the cultivation of cotton. Not only this the city is named after this and is called “White Gold City “Adilabad is also famous for being the gateway to South India. In history we can find that Adilabad has been ruled by many different dynasties like – Kakatiyas,Maurya’s, Satavahanas, Chalukyas, Qutub Shahi’s and Asaf Jahis. Telegu being the most common languages out of others being Telegu, Marathi and Urdu. Other than this Hindi and Gondi are also one of the spoken languages. For anyone who is interested in running any food related operation in Adilabad should really get their hopes up as the food habits here are massive and there only will be profit and profit.Business who are al ready working in the food department and handling the work of manufacture,distribution, transport or cooking already know that how advantageous this job is in Adilabad. But before getting all happy and settling for this business, one should must get licensed by the government to continue their delightful journey.

According to the FSSAI India it is necessary for every Food related business to apply FSSAI online food license registration. As a food serving company one should take care of healthy consumer consumption and not hazard anyone’s life voluntarily. More over to get past such fake accusations made by customers it is necessary to get licensed online for FFSAI food registration.

The procedure to apply FSSAI Online food License is very easy. You can carry forward with the below given points and make it work out for your FBO big time.

  1. Login to https:/foodlicensing.org/ and fill out all the details in the application form A, details such as your phone number, your address, your business form, etc. are required.
  2. For your FSSAI food license registration, make an online payment. File type B is now shown after payment. Fill out each and every sentence carefully.
  3. Conduct the application of the Will Procedure on the government portal, i.e. For information, follow up with the government department. They will email your request for editing. A maximum of 15 days shall be given for the re-submission after which the application is denied.
  4. You will obtain your FSSAI food certificate at your post within 20-25 days after your application is checked.


Before applying online for the FSSAI food license I is also important that you get to know which Form type you fall in according to the turnover you are making annually. If your annual turnover is equal to 12 lakhs then you can apply online FSSAI Basic Registration. If your FBO ‘s turnover is between 12 lakhs to 20 crores and your FBO works only in one State then you should Apply Online FSSAI State License. Although if you are making more than 20 crores annually and your FBO is vested in more than one state then the FSSAI Central License is meant for you. To get a clearer view about things and the documents required log in to https:/foodlicensing.org/and apply online FSSAI food license registration.

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