What are the documents required for GST registration in India? By Vishesh Jangir

The Tax on Goods and Services is an indirect tax on the purchase of goods and services used in India. This is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based tax: comprehensive and, with the exception of some very state taxes, it has supplied all other indirect taxes.A PAN passport, proof of business registration, identification, photographs and address proof of the individuals in possession, business address proof and bank account statements are the key documents for GST registration. By ways of a bank statement, canceled cheque or an extract through your passbook, you can demonstrate your bank information. Similar vein, the form of a power bill, rental agreement, possession records, real estate tax declaration and so on can take the form of an address proof.As per the Goods and Services Tax Act 2017, any corporate with a turnover of Rs.40 lakh and overheadthat ought to register for GST. For North-eastern and hill states, the turnover verge for GST registration is Rs.10 lakh. In addition, Certain individuals also require to fulfill GST registration and obtainthe specific unique 15-digit GSTIN.

GST Registration Documents required for Individuals and Sole propitiators

  1. PAN card of the owner
  2. Owner’s Aadhaar Card
  3. Passport size Photograph of the Owner
  4. Address Proof
  5. Details of bank account

Documents required for GST Registration of Partnerships and LLPs


  1. Registration proof of LLP
  2. Bank Account details
  3. Principal Business’ address proof
  4. Deed of Partnership
  5. PAN cards of every partner involved in the business
  6. Photographs of partners
  7. Aadhaar card of any recognized signatory
  8. Address proof of allthe partners involved
  9. Signatory’s proof of the appointment


Documents requiredfor GST Registration of Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs)


  1. PAN card from HUF
  2. Karta’s (family patriarch) PAN card
  3. Photograph of the Owner
  4. Information of banks
  5. Company ‘Key Address Facts


Documents required for GST Registration Company


  1. PAN card of the Company Owner
  2. The incorporation certificate from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  3. Memorandum/ Association Papers
  4. Evidence of appointment by Signatory
  5. PAN Card Signatory
  6. Aadhaar signatory’s passport
  7. All Directors’ PAN Card
  8. Address facts from all directors
  9. Information of bank
  10. Company ‘Key Address Facts


Documents required for GST Registration of any Society or Club


A society or club has to deliver the given below GST registration documents to complete the process and obtain GSTIN.


  1. A copy of the club or society’s registration certificate.
  2. A copy of PAN card of the club or society along with that of associated partners or promoters.
  3. Photograph of partners or promoters.
  4. A copy of bank account statement/crossed cheque/passbook’s first page.
  5. Proof of registered office’s address, that can include utility bills, documents of legal ownership/municipal khata copy for premises owned by the society or club. In the case of rented premises, a rent agreement as well as NOC from the premise’s owner.
  6. Authorization letter signed by authorised signatory/signatories.

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