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About Food License Department in India

Food license registration was started by the Indian government to Standardise and prioritize Safety and Hygiene in food in the interest of public health. It is compulsory for an FBO to attain the FSSAI food license registration to benefit his customers and build his future even further. There is although three categories for FSSAI food license registration and according to the scale of the turnover and revenue an FBO is producing these scales are maintained. So, according to the government, an FBO getting turnover less than 12lakhs is not eligible to apply for FSSAI food license registration.

Basic Types in FSSAI Food License Registration

There are three types of FSSAI Food License registration categories designed by the government where one can apply for in India – The FSSAI Central License is meant for FBO which have a turnover of 20 crores or more annually. The FSSAI State License is for FBO with a turnover of more than twelve lakhs annually and less than 20 crores. The FSSAI Basic Registration is for FBO which have a turnover up to 12 lakhs only.

Advantages to Apply FSSAI Food License

1. Maintains Food Safety and Standard- It guarantees the safety of food consumption not only outside the house but inside as well. This is because consumption of food outside is obviously checked and verified and tested but the food ration brought inside the house has also been verified chemically, grain according to each and every particle that has been put in it.

2. Rules and regulations for breaking the law- All the rules and regulation are made in order to verify whether food products are consumable and not harmful to anyone. There have been many cases in India where food allergies and dangerous food have even led to death. In such a chaotic system it is important to penalize FBO who do not work in the public interest and reward FBO which are working honestly and in touch with their humanity.

3. Building FBO revenue and Profits- From building old customers trust in doubling your customer base FSSAI food license registration is a great advantage to you. This is because Customer and Consumer trust are one of the most important and rewarding things an FBO can win over. Many people like to try new food and experiment with restaurants and food products they get home but when they do so it is always done when someone recommends it to them. Either it is the technology where consumers and customers put their reviews or it is by mouth. Either way, the new customer base has always been built through the old customer. And in India, as we say “Consumers are God “. Thus, applying for FSSAI food license registration a way to win over the hearts of every God that visits your FBO.

4. Partnerships and Investors are a minute away after you apply for FSSAI food license– Not only customers but Partnerships and Investors get more interested in your business and want to tag along with you because now your name is renowned because of the hygiene, Standard and safety measures you are taking with your products. The FSSAI food license helps companies differentiate skilled and hardworking people from others.


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