Requirement of Food License in Mandya

The city Mandya is located in the Indian state of Karnataka. Mandya is situated 45 km from Mysore and 100 km from Bangalore. Mandya is popularly known by the name of Sugar city as the Sugarcane is largely produced here. The restaurant named Fish Curry Rice in Mandya is popular for the fish curry they serve among the people.

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) is an independent organisation formed under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Indian Government. FSSAI is formed in 2006 handles all the food related issues in various Ministries and Departments.

The headquarters of the FSSAI is located in New Delhi and the FSSAI has its six regional offices located in Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati, Mumbai, Chennai, and Cochin.

FSSAI has three different types of food licenses that are:

  1. Basic FSSAI License Registration: It is required for small business and start-ups that have an annual income of Rs. 12 lakhs.
  2. Central FSSAI License Registration: This license is required for large business that have an annual income of more than Rs. 20 crores.
  3. State FSSAI License Registration: This license is required for mid- sized business that have an annual income between Rs. 12-20 crores.

FSSAI License Registration is used for Food safety and grant permission to any individual to carry on food business in Mandya. To start any food business, one should register in Food License Registration Portal and get the FSSAI license. The food license is specific to a particular location and also term bound. Moreover, the food business operator in Mandya, Karnataka can apply online FSSAI Food License Registration through the website

The FSSAI license is a 14-di8git number. Business fails to print license number on packages needs to bear heavy penalties. To apply for food license registration online one should follow the rules made by state licensing authority. Then it shall be accompanied by a self-attested declaration. After that there will be through inspection and later license shall be issued after two months. Now, if any operator is applying for the renewal of the license, have to apply prior to 30days of the expiry date of the license.

There are many benefits of the FSSAI certificate in India and they include legal advantages, trust of the customer, brand value, business expansion, recognition of government, permit of the food business, using of FSSAI logo on food products which creates trust, goodwill among the consumers, will boost up business and many more.

The documents required for the registration of the FSSAI License Registration in Mandya, Karnataka are:

  1. The Food Business Operator’s photograph.
  2. Identity Proof documents like Ration card, Voter ID card, PAN card, Aadhaar card, Driving License, Passport, Senior Citizen card etc.
  • Partnership Deed/ Memorandum of Association.
  1. Planned Products list.
  2. Raw materials source.
  3. Food safety management system plan.
  • NOC by the Municipality/ Panchayat, Health’
  • Test reports of water etc.

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