How to obtain FSSAI License for Bakery? Vishesh Jangir

If you are an Bakery owner then having FSSAI food license registration is very important. FSSAI stands for the Food Safety and Standards Authority. FSSAI was established by the government under Food Safety and Standard act 2006 which regulated and guides many bakeries throughout. FSSAI is also meant for promoting the idea of good health and protecting their public from unhygienic or any other type of food-related disaster.

Another important question which pops into our mind is that besides the mandatory issued by the government, is there any other benefit from applying for FSSAI food license? Or is it just beneficial for the Public and their health and not beneficial for the Food Business Operator?

Well, to understand the importance and benefits of FSSAI food license registration you’re your bakery ,given below are some points –

All the rules and regulation are made in order to verify whether food products are consumable and not harmful to anyone.

From building old customers trust in doubling your customer base FSSAI food license registration is a great advantage to you.

FSSAI food license registration checks food chemically and make certain of healthy consumption.

Food safety is a sensitive matter to people and therefore food businesses are questioned about many things. But Fssai food license makes sure of any accusation or health consequence to be banished from the certified food businesses.

Your company becomes reliable and trustworthy just by certifying yourself with fssai food license registration.

This fact also helps in bringing in new customers and gives new heights to marketing and sales.

Moreover, applying for the FSSAI License also brings in new partnerships and investors.

The quality test which is conducted at the verification time sets the seals on your food making it high standards.

What are the important documents required to apply the FSSAI food license for bakery?

Partnership deed or affidavit if any.

Copy of the license and NOC from the Manufacturer.

Form IX.

Declaration form.

Documents supporting proof of the turnover and transportation included within FBO.

FORM A or FORM B according to the type our FBO falls in.

Processing unit with detailed operation allocated plan should be provided by the FBO.

List of all significant people involved in the FBO with their identification details.

Type of equipment and Machinery list with the number at which they are installed and in what capacity.

An account of the food category you are manufacturing at your site (in this case the fruit beer you are selling)

Authority Letter through the Manufacturer (if any)

Water analysis and possessed land report proof.

What is the procedure of applying for FSSAI food license for bakery?

Go to and fill-up the form with all necessary details required.

Do the required Online payment.

Execute the will process at the government portal provided at the end of the submission.

Receive FSSAI food license at your email id within a very short period of time.


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