Brajrajnagar is a city and municipality in the region of Jharsuguda within the state of Odisha, India. The city was named after Braj Mohan Birla and after the establishment of Orient Paper Mills in 1936, according to common legend. It really is a quiet, sleepy town on rocky terrain, settled on the banks of the river IB, with somewhat Birlas-built temples. As of the 2011 Indian survey, the populace of Brajarajnagar was 80,403. Males make up 52% of the female population 48%. Chandi Mandir, Brajrajnagar, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Brajrajnagar, Birla Temple (Shiv Mandir), near Lamtibahal, Brajrajnagar’IB Bridge, Lal Pathar, Satya Sai Mandir, Barghat Mandir are some popular attractions.

For anyone who wishes to conduct a food business involving the manufacture, distribution, transport, etc. of food items, FSSAI ONLINE Food License registration in Brajajnagar is mandatory. Brajrajnagar is a place visited by many as the most famous city of Odisha and hence starting a food business here would be the best you’d think about. But when you apply for an FSSAI food license, this could become a little better. Before starting any food business in Brajrajnagar, FSSAI registration is mandatory.

As a Food Business Operator, one tries to maintain the standards of food quality and ensure that every client is happy and consumes nutritious food. In formulating the control by removing the harmful and dangerous elements that may be there, FSSAI plays a crucial role here. A 14-digit identification or license number that will appear on the food packets must be collected.

The Food Licensing Authority guarantees that all FBOs comply with the rules and regulations laid down and that any FBO without the FSSAI Licensing is responsible for the offenses to pay the penalty. Offenses and penalties related to food are specified in the Act that mentions this infringement.

Steps to Apply for FSSAI Food License

1. log in to fill out all the details in the application form A or form B, details such as your phone number, your address, your business form, etc. are required.
2. For your FSSAI food license registration, make an online payment. File type B is now shown after payment. Fill out each and every sentence carefully.
3. Conduct the application of the Will Procedure on the government portal, i.e. For information, follow up with the government department. They will email your request for editing. A maximum of 15 days shall be given for the re-submission after which the application is denied.
4. You will obtain your FSSAI food certificate at your post within 20-25 days after your application is checked.

To know more about applying Online FSSAI food license log into our site and know how many types of FSSAI food licenses can be applied Online in Brajajnagar or what documents are required to apply Online FSSAI food license n Brajrajnagar etc.

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