Bidar is a mountain town in India’s Karnataka state, located in the north-eastern section of the country. Bidar is home to the country’s second-largest Indian Air Force training center. The Bidri handmade products are well-known in Bidar. Bidar is also regarded as one of the holiest Sikh pilgrimage sites. In north Karnataka, Bidar is the coolest and rainy place. Bidar is known as the “City of Whispering Monuments” because of its symbolism. Mahmud GawanMadarsa is a spectacular madrasa established by Mahmud Gawan, the Bahmani empire’s prime minister, in the late 15th century. Bidar Fort is regarded as one of India’s most fearsome forts.

As a Food Business Operator in Bidar,one must try to maintain the standards of food quality and ensure that every client is happy and consumes nutritious food. In formulating the control by removing the harmful and dangerous elements that may be there, FSSAI plays a crucial role here. Bidar’s famous Punjabi cuisine is CholleBhature, Tandoori Chicken, Parathas, Chole Chawal, Rajma Chawal, Kadhi Chawal, etc.If you want to work within FBO Business then this is some research below which you can follow-

There are three types of Food license FBOs can apply for in Bidar. Please choose wisely according to the category you fall in –

1. The FSSAI Central License-This license is intended for the Food Business Operator (FBO) with an annual turnover of 20 crores or more. You can apply FSSAI Central License on
2. The FSSAI State License-This License is for the Food Business Operator (FBO) who has a turnover of more than 12 Lakhs per year and less than 20 crores. These FBO’s are mainly major producers operating in more than one state. All middle-scale distributors that prefer to work with a single state fall into this group. You can apply FSSAI State License on
3. FSSAI Basic Registration – This is for an annual Food Business Operator (FBO) with a turnover not exceeding 12 Lakhs. This is desired by all small-scale dealers, retailers, marketers and food manufacturers. You can apply FSSAI Basic Registration License on

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration in Bidar are mentioned below-

• Declaration Form stating everything mentioned is true.
• Copy of Property paper (In case property owned).
• Copy of Rent Agreement (In case property rented).
• Copy of identity proof of the proprietor or director of the company (Aadhar Card, Voter Id).
• Self-Declared copy of Food Management System Plan or certificate.
• Authority Letter.
• Copy of the electricity or water bill of the business place.
• Form IX, Nomination of persons by a company along with the board resolution

If you are in the Food manufacturing business then you have to require some other necessary documents to apply online FSSAI food license registration. Those are listed below-

• Blue Print of the processing unit (for manufacturers)
• List of Equipment and machinery (for manufacturers)
• List of food categories desired to be Manufactured (for manufacturers)
• Pesticide residue report of Water (for manufacturers)

Steps to Apply Online FSSAI Food License in Bidar are –

1. log in to and fill out all the details in application form A, details such as your phone number, your address, your business form, etc. are required.
2. For your FSSAI food license registration, make an online payment. File type B is now shown after payment. Fill out each and every sentence carefully.
3. Conduct the application of the Will Procedure on the government portal, i.e. For information, follow up with the government department. They will email your request for editing. A maximum of 15 days shall be given for the re-submission after which the application is denied.
4. You will obtain your FSSAI food certificate at your post within 20-25 days after your application is checked


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