If you are food business even if you are not making it FSSAI food license is required. A food license is issued by the FSSAI which is in simple words considered as the permit for operating food-related operation is standardized and safe way. Through this process government of India tries to make certain of good quality of food in every FBO for public health and safety. Every rule and regulation is made by the government in order to verify whether food products are consumable through this process and not harmful in any way. Therefore, FSSAI food license registration becomes significant for every FBO which has an annual turnover of at least twelve lakhs.

It is important to not overlook the various benefits which come along FSSAI food registration. FSSAI food license registration clears and verifies food contents and ingredients chemically for the purpose of healthy consumption. Food Packers are questioned about several things based on the quality of food they are packing to the containers they are packing in it so that it does not harm the food. And these questions are not put up during Applying Fssai food license but by the purchaser or consumer, your company is getting involved with. In some situations, these questions turn into accusations which are not right but even though as a packer you are not guilty such situations insult your FBO and your work. But with FSSAI food license registration all of these questions and accusations can be answered by the FSSAI food certificate at your desk.

There are 3 basic types of FSSAI food license you can apply for –

As a milk packer, please estimate your annual turnover and the scale you are working at. It is important to note if you are working within your state then you feel fall under State Fssai license but if your FBO operates within more than one state than you fall under Central FSSAI license Registration.

1. Basic Registration FSSAI license – If your annual turnover is equal to 12 lakhs
2. State FSSAI license Registration – If your annual turnover is between 12 lakhs to 20 Crore.
3. Central FSSAI license registration – If your annual turnover is more than 20 crores..


What Documents are required for FSSAI Food License Registration (in the aspect of packaging milk)?

PAN Card (original and copy)

Copy of any identification proof which has your photograph

Passport size Photographs

Proof of premises you are working at. Copy of Rent Agreement if the Rented property or Copy of property paper if owned property along with utility bills.

If your packing company falls under Basic FSSAI registration then fill and self -attest FORM A and follow up with the given below documents.

Declaration for food safety management system (FSMS) on the letterhead of the firm or company.

Proof of Income evaluating the annual turnover of the packing FBO.

Form No IX with the copy of Board Resolution.

Self-Declaration by Director.

Affidavit on the Non-Judicial Stamp paper.

If your packing Company falls under State FSSAI food license registration or Central FSSAi food license registration then fill and self-attest FORM B and follow up with the given below documents.

Proper List of Partners/Proprietor/Executive Members of Society with their complete address and contact details.

Blueprint plan of the processing unit installed capacity and horsepower used.

Partnership Deed if any.

Analysis report of water and other things used during packing accordingly.

Food and safety management system and certificate.

Declaration of the food safety management system (FSMS) on a proper letterhead of the firm or company.

Proof of Income so that the annual turnover of FBO can be calculated.

Form XI.

Self-Declaration by Director.

NOC by the

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