FSSAI Food License Registration for Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmacy shops play an important and vital role in the distribution of medicine supplies to the general public. A license to operate the business is required under the Drugs category, as well as a controller for the Retailer category. Besides that, in India, FSSAI food safety registration is required for any pharmacy or medical store. According to the FSSAI’s laws and regulations, all pharmacies are classified as retailers. Operators can apply for FSSAI Basic Registration, State License, or Central License based on their turnover.All the rules and regulation are made in order to verify whether medicines are consumable and not harmful to anyone. There have been many cases in India where food allergies and dangerous food have even led to death. In such a chaotic system it is important to penalize FBOs’ who do not work in the public interest and reward FBO which are working honestly and in touch with their humanity.


There are three types of FSSAI Food License registration categories designed by the government where one can apply for in India – The FSSAI Central License is meant for FBO which have a turnover of 20 crores or more annually. The FSSAI State License is for FBO with a turnover of more than twelve lakhs annually and less than 20 crores. The FSSAI Basic Registration is for FBO which have a turnover up to 12 lakhs only.


1. Recognition within market
2. Enhances Credibility within consumers
3. Ensures Business growth
4. Guarantees Food Safety through Government Documentation


• Duly filled and signed form A/B of FSSAI regulations
• Plan the layout of the premise with complete measurements of the manufacturing and operational unit.
• In case the applicant is a company: a complete list of directors such as name, address proof, contact details along with a copy of MOA, AOA & COI are necessary.
• In case the applicant is a partnership firm: a complete list of all the partners such as name, address proof, contact details, etc. along with a copy of partnership deed is necessary.
• In case the applicant is a co-operative society: a complete list of all the members such as name, address proof, contact details, etc. are necessary.
• If the applicant for a license is a registered trust: a copy of trust deed and record of trustees is required
• Address proof of premise is required, which can be any one of the following documents:

1. Electricity bill
2. Rent agreement
3. Registry of the premise, etc.

• Food safety management plan or similar system in place
• Name and List of Equipment’s and Machinery along
• Source of milk, raw materials, and other food products along with its location.
• NOC by the municipality or local authorities.
• If the applicant runs a hotel and the central license is obtained for the same, tourism certificate issued by the ministry of tourism shall be compulsorily attached.
• IE code document issued by DGFT (If any)

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