If cooking is what interests you and makes your soul happy then a business out of it is a very profitable idea. Although even if you are dealing in small scale business and selling food in your local state only applying for FSAI license is mandatory. By getting FSAI food license registration you validate yourself under the law made by the government for Food Safety and Standards. The FSSAI license will verify your food cooking procedures, storage facilities, ingredients involved and added into recipes etc. It is important to understand that FSSAI license is as compulsory and advantageous for homemade caters or FBO as it is for restraint owners and other medium or large scaled FBO’s. FSSAI license ensures your customers with the food you deliver and save you from any hygiene-related accusations etc.

Although if you want to apply FSSAI license limited to your city there are some pointers in which you have to come out as eligible. Those are –

  1. Your annual turnover should be between twelve lakhs to twenty crores.
  2. Your food operation level should be within the state only.
  3. More than 5000 litres of milk dairy unity processing or even more than 2500 MT of milk solid annually
  4. Minimum of 2 MT exceeding capacity for process and production of vegetable oil.
  5. In the case of the meat processing business, the capacity should exceed over 500 kg daily or 150 MT annually.
  6. As Homebased food industries earn their profits through distribution it is important for them to have a turnover exceeding 20 Crore.

If you complete the eligibility criteria for State-level FSSAI license then you need to bring along the given documents which are required at the time of FSSAI food license registration.

  1. FORM B self-attested and filled by the owner/director of the respective FBO. (Duplicate of which will be submitted)
  2. Blueprint or layout plan of the processing unit showing the dimensions in meters/squares with operation wise allocated departments.
  3. List of Trust/Directors/proprietor/Executive Members of the respective society /Partners with full address and contact details (for companies)
  4. If you are a manufacturer than name and list of types of equipment and machinery along with their number.
  5. Photo ID and Address proof issued by the government authority of Proprietor/Partner/Director(s)
  6. If you are a manufacturer then the list of all the food categories which are manufactured.
  7. Proof of Premises possession.
  8. Source of Raw material for meat and meat processing plants if applicable.
  9. NOC from Municipality or Local body
  10. Form IX.
  11. Declaration Form (in case of Delhi and Himachal Pradesh)



Government Fee for State FSSAI food license registration varies upon the production capacity of the manufacturer. A basic fee of 5000 is applicable for Producing 1 Metric Ton or more. The range of milk units should be within ten thousand to fifty thousand. Milk unit range from annually should be 500 metric ton to 2500 metric ton in a year. Although fees of Rs 3000INR is applied when production is less than 1 Metric ton and milk units are within 500-10000. A basic fee of 2000 is applied to every hotel, restaurant, canteen, club etc.

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