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FSSAI Registration is compulsory for every food business operator in Aligarh before starting any food business. All the traders, restaurants involved in food business must obtain a 14-digit FSSAI registration or a license number that should be printed on the food packages.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is an independent organisation formed under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, under the Indian Government.

Every Food Business Operator is required to have FSSAI Registration done in Aligarh. It is regarded as a punishable offence for operating a food business without the FSSAI License. The food business operator in Aligarh can apply for the FSSAI License online

However, FSSAI issues three types pf food license in India and they are:

  1. Central FSSAI License: Central FSSAI License is mandatory for the food business operator having an annual income of more than 20 crores.
  2. State FSSAI License: State FSSAI License is compulsory for the food business operator having an annual income of more than 12 lakhs.
  3. Basic FSSAI License: Basic FSSAI License is compulsory for the food business operator having an annual income up to 12 lakhs.

To apply for FSSAI in India, one should follow the rules made by the Central as well as State licensing authority. Then it shall be accompanied by a self-attested declaration. After that there will be through inspection and later license shall be issued after two months. Now, if any operator is applying for the renewal of the license, have to apply prior to 30days of the expiry date of the license. Moreover, if the renewal application is not filled within the given time then a penalty of Rs. 100 is charged for each delay day.

The following documents needed for FSSAI Registration in India:

  1. One must submit Form A to the food and safety department.
  2. The application may be accepted or may be rejected by the food and safety department within 1 hour from the time of application.
  3. If the application gets accepted then the department permits a registration certificate along with the registration number and the photo of the applicant.
  4. During business hours and at the place of business the FBO must display the registration certificate.

One should get the FSSAI License done because it helps to remove the number of regulations, helps in the innovative production of food products. Besides, it helps in trade without compromising the safety of the consumer.



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